The Ultimate Car Enthusiast Gift Guide This Holiday Season

With the winter approaching, it’s never too soon to start thinking about purchasing gifts for the upcoming holidays. If you have a gearhead in the family, explore the ultimate car enthusiast gift guide this holiday season to find the perfect present for them.

Car Vacuum

Car enthusiasts can be pretty anal-retentive about maintaining a clean car, and depending on where you live, there may not be a convenient car wash nearby. Even if there is one close by, you can save your quarters by investing in a handheld car vacuum specially designed for detailing vehicle interiors. They can range anywhere from around $20 to $60, so it works great as a budget-friendly gift option.

After Market Wheels

Stock wheels can be bland on many economy cars, leaving something to be visually desired. Gifting aftermarket wheels will not only overhaul the look of the vehicle, but it can boost performance if you opt to get them performance wheels, like cast or roll forming. They’ll hopefully be all about increasing the car’s grip and speed. Just make sure that whenever getting car parts, that they are compatible with the vehicle.

Performance Tires

When getting new wheels, make sure to pair them with a set of performance tires. The tread and maximum temperatures of the tire significantly impact where and how fast a car can go. For example, with enough traction, they can take their vehicle off-roading. Also, if they have a sports car, they’ll want tires that can handle the temperatures associated with high speeds.

Racing/Track Experience

Who doesn’t want to be a race car driver? However, chances are the person you’re shopping for has never been on a racetrack or ridden in a race car. Local raceways will offer experiences where you can drive or ride around the track in a real race car. Depending on the circuit, you could drive yourself or ride along with a professional in NASCAR cars, rally cars, race trucks, karts, open-wheel, or even supercars like a Ferrari.

Bluetooth Adapter

Almost every modern car has Bluetooth installed, but a vintage vehicle doesn’t have the luxuries of current cars. There are Bluetooth adapters that can plug into an aux or auxiliary power outlet, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one compatible with their car. With one of these adapters, messy cords can be removed from the vehicle, making the interior more visually pleasing and functional.

Grand Prix/Motor Race Tickets

With the current rise in motorsport’s popularity in the United States, chances are your car enthusiast has a favorite series, whether that is NASCAR, Formula 1, MotoGP, or IndyCar. MotoGP and Formula 1 have previously only visited the US once a year, at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, but Formula 1 is expanding this year to include a Grand Prix in Miami. However, this limited exposure means that tickets can get very expensive. NASCAR and IndyCar, on the other hand, are North American series. Thus, their tickets will be less expensive, and odds are they will race somewhere close to where you live.

Auto Store or Garage Gift Card

Cars are not a cheap hobby. Every upgrade or modification comes at a price, and often, that fee is more than they can pay. Project cars can take years to compete, often simply because the at-home mechanic must continuously wait for new funds to get the next part they want or need. A gift card to their favorite auto parts store will give them a little financial boost next time they are making a modification. Then, an auto garage gift card will allow them to save when they must take their car into the shop for more advanced work to be done.

Video Game Steering Wheel

Racing video games can be entertaining, but only when you can grip the steering wheel through tight corners. To make any console feel like a racing simulator, you can get your friend or family member a video game racing wheel and pedals. That way, they can bring the action into the living room.

Car Portrait

A car enthusiast is typically most enthusiastic about their own car. There are few things in life a gearhead cares about as much as they do about their ride, and you can commemorate this with a custom vehicle portrait. Not only will it be an excellent addition to their home’s wall, but it will serve as a memorial to their car long after they’ve sold it.

Car Brand or Racing Merch

Sometimes, the best present is just a great T-shirt. Gearheads will typically have loyalty to a favorite few car brands and racing teams. So, whether it is a BMW hat or Red Bull Racing shirt, you can never have too much racing swag.

Portable Car Lift

When you are getting under a car, you want to feel secure that the car won’t fall on you. That means investing in safe and reliable car lifts. However, these lifts can be bulky and hard to travel with or keep in your car full-time. So, when your car breaks down, you’re left relying upon an unstable scissor car jack. Portable car lifts are easy to store, and they will reliably raise your car evenly on all sides.

Automotive Magazine Subscription

There are a few automotive magazines that people rely upon for the latest news and developments in the automotive world. There are magazines dedicated to vintage automobiles, racing, car repair hobbyists, and more, so you can often find a publication specializing in their interests. The best part about getting the car lover in your life a magazine subscription is that there will be a gift from you every month!

Tickets To Car Auction

Traveling car auctions like Mecum will display and sell some of the rarest cars in the world. Even if you don’t plan on spending a dime once at the auction, a trip to see some of the most expensive automobiles ever is worth the drive. The best part about them touring is you don’t have to travel too far to see the show—you can just wait until it’s in town.

If you get any one of the things from the ultimate car enthusiast gift guide this holiday season, you can give a gift that is both personal and functional. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are shopping for automobile or tire presents, the experts at one of the most trusted tire shops Ontario, Oregon, Commercial Tires, will be able to assist you in picking out the right part or accessory.