4 Expert Winter Driving Tips for All Conditions

Small mistakes can lead to big accidents when driving on ice. Explore these four expert winter driving tips for all conditions for some easy-to-follow advice.

Driving on snow and ice is one of the most dangerous things a driver must do. Reckless behavior is liable to cause accidents and risk the lives of everyone on the road. Check out these four expert winter driving tips for all conditions if you aren’t confident in your ability to operate on snow or ice.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Once you are out on the open road, don’t feel the need to go the speed limit. Any sudden movements or braking is liable to make the car slide in harsh conditions. This instability is why you’ll want to maintain slow speeds; this way, you’ll keep the damage to a minimum if you do lose control. You’ll also want to increase your driving distance from five to six seconds behind the car you’re following so that you have more time to react if they lose control.

Use Caution When Going Uphill

Your driving principles won’t change too much when you approach hills. You still don’t want to be leaning on the gas, even if it seems like the car is struggling. If you accelerate too hard, the tires might lose their grip and start to slide. Instead, try and let inertia carry the vehicle as much as possible. However, it would be best if you didn’t come to a complete stop on a hill. Ice can make it nearly impossible to build momentum on an incline, and if you brake, you might be stuck.

Clear the Exhaust Pipe

If an exhaust gets clogged, the carbon monoxide from your engine will have nowhere to go but into your cab. These fumes are very toxic, so you’ll want to ensure that your exhaust pipe is completely cleared out before turning the key. In the winter, snow and ice can quickly build up around the mouth of the exhaust, so you’ll want to check it every morning.

Get the Right Tires

A lot of the vehicle’s traction isn’t determined by the driver but rather by their parts. There are only so many precautions you can take, but you can’t properly drive a car that fundamentally has a bad grip. You can immediately improve a car’s grip by installing all-season or snow tires. The tread on these specialty tires will dramatically increase your traction. You can also install snow chains for extreme conditions.

Now that you’ve learned these four expert winter driving tips for all conditions, you’ll hopefully be a more confident and responsible driver in the snow and ice. If you are looking for a tire repair service in Pocatello to help you install all-season tires, Commercial Tires is here to help!