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OTR & Industrial

Your business depends on strong tires. We guarantee quality tires that keep your equipment running. We offer a wide range of tire products to help you match the right fit for your environment and performance demands. As a partner, we’re in it for the long-haul. Our account managers will help track your tire performance and offer the right tools and services to maximize uptime, ROI, and safety.

Maximize Job Performance ​

Partner with us to ensure that your investment continues to grow your business. We help you stay on schedule with reliable maintenance that helps you plan more efficiently for the future and make more informed decisions for your business.

Flat Repairs


Liquid Ballast & Foam Filling

Solid Tires

Repair & Reconditioning Wheels

Our Salute to Safety

Safety is a core value for Commercial Tire service professionals. We appreciate how vital every tire and piece of equipment is to your business and handle your property with great attention to its safety while in our care.

Our team of more than 100 TIA and MSHA-certified technicians utilize AME cribbing blocks made of a specialized plastic composite with tailored shapes and sized that greatly reduce the risk of splintering and damaging your equipment. We also utilize hand trucks over other alternatives to further reduce risk.