Quality Oil for Those Miles on the Road 

Oil Changes

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It helps reduce friction, wear, and keeps components from overheating. One of our skilled technicians can recommend the best oil type and schedule based on your vehicle and driving habits.


Safety is a core value of Commercial Tire, so we don’t just change your oil. We do a 27-point inspection on everything from belts to fluids to alignment.  If we wouldn’t drive it out, we won’t send you out without advising what is a priority on your vehicle: whether it’s a safety concern, a preventative maintenance concern, or a potential repair before it becomes a catastrophic issue.

Full Synthetic

For engines requiring a full synthetic oil or those who experience stop and go traffic, extreme temperatures or utilize their vehicle for hauling or towing.

Semi Synthetic

For those who want enhanced protection. Suitable for all engines, but specially designed for those with over 75,000 miles.


For those wanting the essential level of protection.

Oil Change Resources