3 Ways You Can Keep Your Car Cool for The Summer

On a hot summer day, your vehicle’s A/C could be the MVP that saves your commute. While you may only turn a dial or set a temperature, there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. Even though your air condition system is within a complex weave of hoses and lines, there are a few things you can do to maintain your system so you can keep that cool breeze going.

Top A/C Tips to Beat the Heat

1. Find Shady Parking

Something to keep in mind while you’re running errands or parking your vehicle for the day is to park it in a shaded area. When the sun beats down on your windows, the temperature inside the vehicle increases. Meaning your A/C must work overtime to cool down your mobile oven.
If there aren’t any shaded areas available, you can either crack a window or purchase sunshades, so then the sun rays are reflected off your vehicle.

2. Clear the Air Filter

Much like your home air filter, your vehicle filter clears out all the foreign objects like dust, dirt, and pollen so you can breathe clean air. Over time, your filters can get clogged. If you don’t clear out your filter periodically, the AC must work harder to push out air, thus diminishing the airflow throughout your vehicle.

3. Have Your Refrigerant Inspected

Refrigerant is a specially formulated mixture that’s sole purpose is to transform hot air into cold air. We recommend drivers routinely check their refrigerant to ensure it’s at an optimal level and that there aren’t any leaks in your system.

A leak can be from a damaged hose, a loose gasket, or just a loose connection. If a large amount of fluid has been lost, your AC system will need to be flushed and the refrigerant fluid will need to be replaced to get your air flowing again.

Consult a professional for leaks and checks to your AC unit. Refrigerant is a very toxic chemical and must be handled with proper equipment and expertise.

Get It Checked

At Commercial Tire, we’re equipped with the latest technology and mechanic expertise to check, clean, and repair your air conditioning system so you can keep cool on those hot summer days.