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Air Conditioning Fixes

If your AC is starting to call it quits, don’t sweat a thing while Commercial Tire examines belts, lines, and test for leaks. Before peak heat, make sure to stop in for a system performance test and top of fluid levels.

Air Conditioning Resources

How To Get the Most Out of Your New Tires

Caring for your vehicle takes time, effort, and money. One of the most important aspects of caring for your car is tire maintenance. Learning how to get the most out of your new tires gives you peace of mind since...

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What Is Tire Siping, and Why Is It Important?

As the only part of your car that touches the road’s surface, tires influence your transportation’s comfort and energy efficiency. While you want your tires to keep you firmly on the asphalt, you don’t want them to keep you from...

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Signs You Might Need To Replace Your TPMS Sensor

In the heart of winter, your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light has likely come on. Cooler air can take the air out of your tires, causing this light to illuminate. However, if you know that your tires aren’t the...

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A Guide to the Different Types of Tires

A car racing around a track won’t use the same tires as one trudging through inches of snow. Before you buy your next set of tires, use this guide to the different types of tires to find the tread and...

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The Ways Tires Can Affect a Car’s Performance

The roar of a car’s engine is what gets your blood pumping. So when looking to upgrade your car’s performance, your immediate instinct might be to boost the horsepower. However, a modified suspension and the right set of tires can...

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