Commercial Tire Protection Package

What is Not Covered:

  • A tire that is damaged / has failed for any of the following reasons: Collision, vandalism, chain damage, mechanical defects of the vehicle, willful abuse, run flat after loss of pressure, or normal wear and tear.
  • Any loss of time, inconvenience, and use of vehicle or consequential damage.
  • The Tire Protection does not carry over to the new tire(s); the customer will be responsible for continuing protection by purchasing Tire Protection on the new units.

To Qualify:

  • Must be original purchaser AND must present original purchase receipt.
  • Must have purchased tires from Commercial Tire AND had them installed at Commercial Tire.

Tire Manufacturer Warranty

To Qualify:

  • Must be original purchaser, present original purchase receipt, and present damaged tire.
  • Must have purchased tires from Commercial Tire and had them installed at Commercial Tire.
  • Must have free alignment check performed at time of tire installation.
  • Must have tires rotated and inspected no greater than every 6,000 miles

Commercial Tire Battery Warranty

Commercial Tire is an authorized Interstate Battery dealer and covers battery warranty according to the Interstate Battery Limited Warranty Program. Visit Interstate Battery for coverage details, battery eligibility, exclusions, and warranty requirements.

Commercial Tire Service Warranty

What Services are Not Covered:

  • Oil changes
  • Customer supplied parts (Commercial Tire will not install any customer parts)
  • Free rebalancing

To Qualify:

  • Must be original purchaser of the automotive service
  • Must have purchased automotive service (parts & labor) from Commercial Tire.
  • Must present original purchase receipt to a Commercial Tire.

Take Care Pledge

Free Lifetime Tire Care

Free Flat Repairs

Free Tire Rotations

Free Alignment Checks

Free Air Checks & Fills

Free Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) reset

Free Safety Inspections