Top Car Features That Will Make Winter Driving Easier

Are you about to embark on a road trip through Boise, Idaho, during the peak of winter? If so, then you’ll definitely want to choose a vehicle equipped for winter driving.

The reason is two-fold. You want to stay warm and comfortable, and you want your car to get you where you need to go. Some vehicle features are better for winter driving than others, but how do you know which ones are ideal?

We’re here to break things down for you. That way, you’ll know exactly what to look for when you show up at the rental car counter. Here are the top car features that will make winter driving easier.

All-Wheel Drive

When you’re going to drive through ice and heavy snow, two wheels aren’t enough to cut it. You’ll need a vehicle that equally distributes power to all four wheels. That will drastically improve your traction and stability—two crucial factors for winter driving.

Some systems are savvy enough to transfer power from a slippery wheel to a wheel with traction. A feature like that can save your life when driving on icy roads.

Winter Tires

Not every car has all-wheel-drive capabilities, but something you can do is upgrade your tires. With winter or all-season tires, you’ll have more traction and control when the roads get dusted with snow or become iced over. Check us out if you’re looking for the best tire shop in Boise, Idaho. You’ll find plenty of all-season and winter options available for your vehicle!

Anti-Lock Brakes

Another top car feature that will make winter driving easier is an anti-lock brake system. You’ll need this for sure if you’re going to drive on icy roads. Traditional brakes will lock your tires when it’s wet and snowy. That will cause your vehicle to skid, almost guaranteeing an accident.

Anti-lock brakes don’t have that problem, as they pump the brakes instead of locking them. That will let you come to a safe stop instead of skidding around the road.

Heated Seats

Sure, safety is essential, but you want to be comfortable too. Nobody likes taking a long drive while freezing. That’s why you need to find a car that has heated seats. Some SUVs also offer heated seats in the back, which is a plus if you have kids.

Remote Start Capability

Another must-have for winter comfort is the ability to remotely start your car. Why? Because you can get the vehicle warmed up before you and your family hop inside of it. That will save you from the misery of having to sit down in a freezing car with frigid seats.

Engine Block Heater

Lastly, you’ll want an engine block heater to ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle. During the night, you can plug it in to keep your engine warm. That will keep the oil thin so that it won’t turn into frozen sludge when you try to start your car in the morning.