How Often and Why Should You Rotate Your Tires?

You take good care of your car and realize that having your tires rotated on a regular basis is crucial. What you may not know is how regularly this process should take place. Below, we’ll answer some of the most common questions people have regarding tire rotations, namely “How often should you rotate your tires?” and “Why do I need to rotate them?”

What Does It Mean To Rotate Tires?

The process of tire rotation entails swapping the front and rear tires. Because the front tires work harder than the others, it is critical to perform this step. These tires wear out quickly if you do not change them out. You can also rotate your tires to spread the load and assure even wear.

How Often Should You Rotate Tires?

The majority of car manufacturers recommend having your tires rotated every 7,500 miles, or about every six months, as this will ensure maximum vehicle life. However, certain cars are anomalies, and you should always refer to the owner’s manual for definitive advice regarding how often you should rotate the tires. Based on how, where, and what you drive, this figure can change. Make things easier on yourself by making it a habit to rotate your tires every time you change your oil.

Why Is Rotating Tires Necessary?

By rotating your tires regularly, you help avoid a variety of tire problems, including failure or blowout. If you rotate your tires periodically, you’ll have a lower risk of having a flat and suffering inconvenient or even dangerous conditions. Tire rotations ensure even tire wear, which improves traction and fuel efficiency. Tires that have an extended lifespan improve your savings in the long term.

Hopefully, you now have an understanding of how often and why you should rotate your tires. In order to maximize both your vehicle’s tires and individual tire performance, you should rotate your tires on a regular basis. One should expect their tires to be overdue for rotation if they can’t remember the last time their tires were rotated. Visit Commercial Tire, the best tire shop in Hermiston, OR, for a tire rotation appointment today! Our team of experts is happy to answer any questions you might have about tire rotation!