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Wheel alignment services can extend tire life and improve fuel economy in a big way. They can also increase safety. We’ve invested in the latest Hunter equipment for quick and very precise wheel alignment diagnostics and adjustment. For newer cars that require it, we also offer service to reset the steering angle sensor.


Alignment Checks

When to have alignment checked

  • Car pulls to one side
  • Unusual tire wear
  • Vehicle requires a sensor reset

FREE With any 4-tire purchase

Thrust Angle Wheel Alignment

Non-adjustable rear suspension vehicles—front wheels are referenced to rear thrust line and set to factory specs

  • Angle readings measured all four wheels
  • Steering wheel centered


Four Wheel Alignment

For vehicles with adjustable rear suspension—front wheels are referenced to the rear thrust line and set to specifications

  • Angle readings measured at all four wheels.
  • Rear wheels set to specifications

(Rear thrust line corresponds to vehicle centerline)

  • Steering wheel centered


Time for a wheel alignment check? Ask our experts.

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